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I’m a mid 30-something writer and photographer based in Las Vegas and originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the years I have been a journalist, copywriter, and blogger. Journalist me lurks in the shadows, partly because of my love of writing. In my early 20s I dabbled in photography without realizing, much less embracing, my photographer self. Writer me found herself sometime in my late teens after spending a few years writing mediocre poetry.

Personal Stuff - Ish

I share an apartment with my husband and our three cats. One of those furballs is a hefty 20 pounds and affectionately referred to as Fat Boy. His actual name is Pip (or Pipster) and he is joined by his fur brothers Melvin and Arlen.

When not writing, reading, or avoiding adult responsibilities, I can be found either at my desk playing seemingly endless hours of Mahjong Safari, watching Volcano for the billionth time, or out enjoying adventures on the open road.