About Kim Ulmanis

Hi there! I’m Kim.

I’m a writer and photographer with a clich├ęd love for coffee that many writers before me have also had. Like many other writers, I also greatly enjoy solitude. Hardcore introvert over here, my friends.

Over the years I have been a journalist, copywriter, business plan writer, blogger, and wannabe poet. The poetry began in my early teen years and continued until sometime around the time I turned 20. I didn’t know any better at the time. I was a teenager filled with angst and hormones. If I wasn’t writing about love, I was writing cringeworthy poems about friendship.

These days I keep it simple and call myself a writer.

I call Las Vegas home with my husband and our three cats, one who is a hefty 20 pounds and affectionately referred to as Fat Boy.

When not writing, reading, or avoiding adult responsibilities, I can be found either at my desk playing seemingly endless hours of Mahjong Safari, watching Volcano for the billionth time, or out enjoying adventures on the open road.