In Search of Scissors, Peace and Contentment

It was 1:48 p.m. when the email notification popped up on my phone’s screen. A mere eight minutes earlier I sent a photo through Aviary to be printed at my local Walgreens.

That photo was the screenshot of the tweet HelloFlo wrote to Lefty Pop in response to my article. I had to celebrate somehow and remember it in my own way. That way happened to be printing that screenshot.

In search of scissors, peace and contentment.

When I arrived at Walgreens, I suddenly decided I wanted a small pair of scissors to keep in my bag. Knowing that I’d be doing this printing thing more often I wanted to have those scissors on hand in case I needed to trim a photo a bit before taping it into my notebook.

The only small scissors Walgreens had were yellow ones and anything else was too expensive for this gal. Back to the photo department I went to pick up and pay a grand total of $0.31 for my one photo.

My next stop was going to be the nearby Starbucks for a cup of iced tea but I realized I could do two things at once by stopping at Target for the scissors.

And it was there I found a cute pair of turqouise scissors for only $1.89. It’s the little things I tell ya. In this case, it was both literally and figuratively.

Scissors paid for I meandered over to the Starbucks near the exit and stood in line right behind the cute guy who was just in front of me a few minutes earlier.

“Great minds think alike!” I said to him. He smiled, nodded and went on his way once he got his drink, whatever it was. My drink was a venti blackberry mojito iced tea lemonade. Half off from 2 until 5 p.m.!

I sat down at a table and proceeded to bust out the scotch tape and my notebook. I didn’t need the scissors at that moment but I was still glad I had them.

And during that time of sitting there with my notebook and iced tea I felt peace. Relaxation. No pressure to get up and do anything, go anywhere. Just me, my notebook and that delicious iced tea.

In search of scissors, peace and contentment.

I didn’t stay long, 15 minutes at most, but it was just enough to calm my mind and jot a few notes down before packing up and leaving.

With half a cup of iced tea left in my cup I walked out to my car, satisfied and content.

It’s those moments I crave most these days. Moments of peace. Contentment. Satisfaction. Those days when I’m not feeling worn out or beat to hell for one reason or another. Those days when I can write freely and not give a damn about whether it’s good or if it sucks.

The young guy I often see and chat with at Walgreens asked me earlier if I missed being in class. I told him no and was met with a “Really?”

I replied, “This is my summer to relax and take a much needed break. Chances are I’ll be ready to go back to class by mid to late July but for now I’m enjoying the time off.”

And that, my friends, is what you will find me doing this summer. Relaxing, writing, reading and simply enjoying my break.

What are your plans for the summer? How do you relax and unwind when you need it most?

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