A Feline Alarm Clock, Coffee & Morning Thoughts

It’s 8:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. Outside, the temperature has already climbed to a toasty 92 degrees. Inside, I’ve already killed my first cup of coffee and the cats are sleeping soundly.

One cat, Pip, is conked out on the dining table as he often is during the day. An hour earlier he terrorized his older fur brother, Arlen, and also clawed the crap out of my bed. I try to ignore these shenanigans but when you’re half awake and not quite ready to get out of bed it’s not easy to do.

And then comes the nagging from my body saying it’s time for the morning pee. I look at the clock. It’s 7:38. Fine. I’ll get up.

My muscles ache a bit from the workout the day before. My feet are sore and stiff, a daily occurrence since I tripped and fell three weeks earlier and twisted both ankles. I can’t tell if I’m 33 or 93 some days.

Within ten minutes of getting my lazy, still somewhat groggy, ass out of bed I hobble to the coffee pot and touch it to see if I’ll need to put my coffee in the microwave for 30 seconds. It’s still warm.

A feline alarm clock, coffee & morning thoughts.

Hubby had left an hour or so earlier for work. On those mornings I often get cold coffee that requires me to warm it back up before drinking. Seems a bit silly to do things this way since I now have a Keurig but coffee that’s 1-2 hours old doesn’t bother me.

Speaking of coffee, as I write this my cup is still empty and I need that second cup.

*paused while I get more*

As I stood there waiting for the microwave I realize there’s enough for a third cup. Awesome. I don’t think I need it today but it’s always nice to have.

It’s now 8:53. A mere 23 minutes after starting this post. I had no idea where I wanted to go with this or whether it would make much sense. And I’m okay with that.

On days like today, ones where I’m calm and alert, it’s nice to just write. Even if the only person it makes any sense to me. Huh. Kind of sounds like my dreams lately. But that I’ll save for another day.

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19 thoughts on “A Feline Alarm Clock, Coffee & Morning Thoughts

    1. I hear ya! Arlen is our calm and quiet one…and the most well behaved. Melvin and Pip? Not so much. They’re lucky I love them and enjoy having them around. Haha.

  1. I have a furry alarm clock in the form of a cocker spaniel. If we don’t crater her before we go to bed, I am woken gently when I feel her leap onto our bed, then not so gently as she paws at your face to get your attention.
    Generally, this all goes down about 5:30 if my husband isn’t traveling, as all these ministrations are for his benefit. Ugh.
    As for the coffee – I used to have the same issue. I have three words for you: Thermal. Brewing. Carafe.
    The coffee brews right into it and it is still hot 2 hrs later. Brilliant!
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    1. I am so going to have to look into that carafe. Would definitely come in handy on the days hubby has to go to work two or three hours before I even roll out of bed.

      And I am laughing at what your cocker spaniel does. Pets are so funny when they don’t get their way when they demand it.

    1. You definitely get it! We’ve tried to close our bedroom door but Arlen will howl and Melvin would probably pee on the couch to to let us know he is not happy about that nonsense. *sigh* Who runs this place? Them or us?

      Thanks, Beth!

    1. Thanks, Dana!

      With you and knowing how much you read, I have no doubt you could write in the moment and do it well. Try it one morning. And, if you’re up for it, share on your blog. I’ll certainly read and share it!

  2. I love to glimpse into the mind of others. I always want to do this more but then think that nobody would ever want to read it. But I really do love when other people write these types of posts!

  3. I love this. It made perfect sense to me. My mornings start much the same just add two more cats, two dogs, a few teenagers and a LOT more aches & pains. Take the writing where it takes you ❤️

    1. Mornings as a teenager: Groggy, but feeling fine.
      Mornings as an adult over the age of 30: Groggy, cranky, sore and in a straight up “Leave me the hell alone” mood until coffee kicks in. Haha.

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