On the 7th Day of My 500 Words…

Oh wait. Christmas is over and there’s no damn way I can make this make sense. Plus, when it comes to writing my true love only gives me the space I need to write, speaking more figuratively than literally here. I have my own writing space whenever I want.

Here it is. Day 7 of the My 500 Words challenge and I decided to do a sort of progress report on how the first week has treated me thus far. Oh and for shits and giggles share the daily word count. Let’s get that out of the way first.

  • Day 1: 615
  • Day 2: 514
  • Day 3: 607
  • Day 4: 564
  • Day 5: 878
  • Day 6: 922
  • Day 7: THIS POST. (Final count: 624)

Total word count for the first six days of My 500 Words: 4,100. Day 1 and day 3 were both blog posts (read here and here) and the other four days were written on (or is it in? shit. I dunno) a Word document.

I noticed one interesting thing between freewriting on a Word document and writing a blog post: When I freewrite, I don’t give a shit if it’s a bunch of nonsensical rambling. I tell myself I should try harder and do better but I also remind myself that writing without any plan to publish is good mental exercise. My ramblings were just that: Rambling. From insecurities to confidence to a lost ring (yup, if you were on Facebook recently you might have noticed on my fan page I lost my engagement ring) to alcohol and general thoughts about writing.

My 500 Words: A sort of progress report and my thoughts on writing.

It’s been an interesting week thus far with a lot going on around here. I’ve been busy photographing dinosaurs and two-headed dragons or a penguin taking a selfie for Project 365. Two challenges at once have forced me to try to be creative both with the written word and visually. Taking photos of said dinosaurs has challenged me to find new and interesting ways to set them up so it’s not the same boring background. Writing a minimum of 500 words varies between being creative to somewhat informative to just bullshitting something to reach my daily count. And strangely, I’m okay with that.

At this point, I feel I am doing well…fine…I’m doing okay so far with this challenge. A few of these first seven days have been challenging because I sit at my desk and start editing or I think too much. No, I’m not going to bring up my bad habit of overthinking yet again.

Speaking of editing, I do edit when I write these posts. And by edit I mean I try to make as much sense as possible. Sometimes I wonder if readers think I was drunk or sniffing a Sharpie pen when writing a post. The first: It’s possible. I do sometimes write when inebriated. The second? No. I do not sniff Sharpie pens to get high.

And now I’ve reached the point of rambling. I confess there is not much else to say, hence the “sort of progress report” mentioned earlier. But, I am determined to hit my word count today so you get me rambling a little bit. My sincere apologies.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this challenge and seeing how it goes for me. One of my goals is to write 1,000+ words in a single day and do that more than once. It’s entirely possible as my discipline gets better and I feel I can and will achieve this goal sooner rather than later.

With all that said, here’s to next week and more writing. Maybe next week I’ll start making more sense. Possible wishful thinking? We’ll see. Want the final word count for this post? See above.

Have a great week, everyone! If you’re participating in the My 500 Words challenge share how it’s going for you in the comments.


  1. Sanity check there Kimmy, dinosaurs are extinct. Not sure what you are photographing.
    Karen recently talked about…What Happened to the 40 Hour Work Week?My Profile

  2. I’d never heard of the 500 words challenge before this, but it sounds kind of awesome! Seriously, I mean posts tend to do better in Google search if you have 500+ words (I think the target nowadays is 700-800.) Sometimes I write some pretty short posts and they never do well. Plus, it keeps your mind sharp to keep a goal like this goal. Pretty awesome post and I’m happy for you that you’re making it through it! :P Keep on keepin’ on!
    Melanie Shebel recently talked about…10 Must-Read Books for 2014My Profile

    • I’ve always read 300-500 is better because of people’s short attention spans. Interesting to find out that for Google search it’s actually 500+. Thanks for the info and the support! Totally appreciate it! :)

  3. If I were doing a 500 word challenge, my challenge would be keeping it down to 500! I’m always having to edit for brevity … especially in a rant post. I seem to be able to go on and on with those!
    Real Life Parenting recently talked about…Technology is Not Evil … no matter what anyone tells you.My Profile

    • Not hard to get a little crazy on a rant post! I say bring it on! Brevity is certainly important but if it’s worth say 700+ words then I say have at it!

  4. If I were so good at writing I’d give you tons of tips but seeing how Nablopomo once kicked my butt, all I can say is good luck my friend. Just keep pushing! :)
    Seriously I love your photos, is the 365 challenge something I can find somewhere or do decided on a theme o the day yourself?
    jhanis recently talked about…Lethargic MamaMy Profile

  5. I wouldn’t blame you if you were sniffing Sharpies to get high. Those things smell delicious! Of course I also like the smell of gasoline. Trips to the gas station are like a party for my olfactory system.

    I think I should get myself examined.
    Trish recently talked about…Week in Review 2014 {#1}My Profile

    • Haha. Yea, I can’t deny Sharpies do smell awesome. And I am so with you on the smell of gasoline. I thought I was alone on that one! Shit…maybe both of us need our heads examined!

  6. First, I love rambling! More people need to do it, instead of censoring themselves so much. Second, I love that you used the term ‘for shits and giggles’! Third, I am giving you a virtual pat on the back for this challenge because you kick ass! I love your honesty, dedication and determination.
    Christy recently talked about…Winter Wanderings in ManhattanMy Profile

    • Shits and giggles is a phrase I use a LOT, especially in oral speech. Just a freaking awesome phrase. LOL. Thanks so much for your thoughts and support, Christy! I really appreciate it. :)

  7. Not difficult for me to write 500 words since I am wordy. I actually could probably write a 500 word comment right here but I will spare you that and just say that I enjoyed your post and I think you are going to really rock this challenge!!!
    Beth Ann Chiles recently talked about…Semi-Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Heh. You are more than welcome to write 500+ words on my blog any day. I’m usually wordy as well but in recent months it’s been more of a struggle to get to 500 words unless I’m ranting or it’s a topic that’s easy for me to write.

  8. It’s like you’re my writing twin. I’ve been trying to make sure I write every day, which is annoyingly difficult, as of late. I have a feeling that tonight’s witty banter will be helpful, though…
    Emelie recently talked about…I’m Safe Because I’m Not a Mermaid. Thank God.My Profile

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