If I See “Pin-Worthy” One More Time…

Oh, Pinterest. I both like you and hate you. You’re kind of cool for finding some interesting shit and cool quotes. I don’t always re-pin the darn things but I sure like looking at them from time to time. It’s a great time waster when I need a good distraction for about 30 minutes.

But here’s the problem I have with you: Many of your loyal users aka bloggers, use you like it’s Internet crack. Recipes, crafts, kid stuff, DIY and all kinds of other stuff. I read about many bloggers, mostly women, discussing it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread (please forgive the cliche). Questions like “Are you pin-teresting?” can be found on forums, groups and Facebook pages. The one term I hate the most though? Pin-worthy. As in, “Are your photos pin-worthy”?

What the what?! Let’s talk about this.

Just out of curiousity, who the fuck died and who was named the Pinterest Goddess in charge of deciding what is and isn’t pin-worthy? *shudders* I can’t help but wonder if it’s a group of Stepford-esque wives who sit around and cackle like witches declaring certain photos pin-worthy and the rest are just not worth paying attention to.

Okay, that was a little harsh. Sorry. Cackle, yes. Stepford wives, not so much. At least I hope not!

The question that usually follows this loathsome term is always some variation of “Do you take awesome photos?” Well…um, actually, I do thank ya much.

Pin-worthy can bite me

So it’s really not that awesome but I like it. And yes, pin-worthy can bite me.

In Pinterest Land what I post is not a pretty photo of a craft, a dish I prepared, some delicious treats (pass me that cookie, would ya?), a cool graphic or my latest household project. I don’t post fun printables for the kids because I don’t have my own so obviously my time is not spent creating the damn things.

What I usually share photos of are the above dinosaurs, Route 66 signs, stuff around Las Vegas or random crap I photograph around the apartment. Or my cats. I do take a lot of photos of my cats. I can’t help myself. They’re adorable.

But, I digress. Nothing new there. *ahem* Moving on…

Based on what I read on forums, groups and blogs these things are not necessarily pin-worthy. So then let me get this straight: The goal , of course, is to take awesome photos and use said photos on our blogs. BUT if they’re not the typical stuff like the photos of food with the annoying text on them (sorry. not sorry. whatever) then it’s not pin-worthy? Boo!

This is why that term ticks me off. It tends to be snobby in nature, almost exclusive to only a certain type of photos and anything that isn’t is not pin-worthy by definition.

Let me guess, this is what you’re thinking: “But Kim, there are PLENTY of photos like yours on Pinterest! Go look around!” And yes, you’d be right. But in the context of blogging, it seems like my style of photos are not exactly pin-worthy in the eyes of most bloggers. Unless I create some bad ass graphic then my pics just aren’t right for Pinterest. Oh yea? Bite me.

I want to like Pinterest. I really do. But if I read pin-worthy one more time, I’m going to scream. It’s really not the site that’s the issue. It’s the bloggers who toss that term around that’s the issue.

Bloggers, please, let’s stop using this annoying term. Let’s aim for sharing and pinning quality photos and graphics without uttering that term ever again.  Encourage quality and taking great photos instead of attaching some lame ass term to them. Pretty please?


  1. I’ve often felt the same. Sometimes I don’t really fit in with a majority of the bloggers like that…just not really the kind of blog I write. But it seems those blogs/pins drive the most traffic. I dislike trendy ‘terms’ like that too! I saw your tweet (I think) about this before this post came up, and when I saw it on the Sharefest list, I knew it was you! lol

    • It’s nice to find out I am not alone with this. Makes it much easier to relax and realize there are plenty out there who feel the same way about not having “pin-worthy” photos despite trying to create them. If it doesn’t fit our respective blogs though, why even force it? Not saying we are but I’m sure you know what I mean. :)

  2. It can be an annoying term, but I confess to being addicted to Pinterest. : )

    Here via SITS!
    Lisa recently talked about…Single Serving Parisian Style Hot Chocolate ~ For After SnowstomsMy Profile

    • Heh. Nothing wrong with that, Lisa! It’s great for some, not so much for others. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  3. I enjoy Pinterest but I certainly don’t spend all of my time on it and I think I use it differently than the Stepford majority you speak of which I, too, have no hope of or desire to fit in with. When people ask me about Pinterest I always tell them that they can make it whatever they want it to be. Much like you I don’t buy into the idea that some things aren’t worth adding to Pinterest. I say they are your boards and you should add what interests you. I mean, I have boards about craft beer and enjoying not having children.The beauty of Pinterest is the unfollow button. If someone deems my pictures not pin-worthy (*barf*) they are free to unfollow me. :)
    Nicole recently talked about…Another Owl Adventure: Snowy Owl in Wabash, IndianaMy Profile

    • Haha. Your comment made me laugh when you used barf in parentheses. So appreciate your comment and insight on the wonder (insanity?) that is Pinterest. I’ve tried to fit in and for some whacked out reason I wanted to as well but then I slowly started embracing my weirdness and was glad I’m not one of the Stepford types. They scare me. LOL

  4. I love your dinosaur photos!

    And I also dislike the idea that in order to be a ‘valid’ pinner or blogger you need to follow certain guidelines. I don’t like cooking or crafting, so I don’t want to blog about that. If I’m doing something with my son, it’s generally playing with his wrestling figures or his car tracks. I also don’t take beautiful photos or quality photos of much of anything. However, I still like to take them and kinda resent the fact that it is implied by some (not you) that I shouldn’t take them because they aren’t ‘pin-worthy’.

    Glad to know there are others out there who feel like I do.
    Andrea Ward recently talked about…Good Stuff Saturday 1-4My Profile

    • Thanks, Andrea! Stick around! There will be more dinosaur photos coming up either here on the blog or on the fan page…or both!

      Your comment about not taking beautiful photos inadvertently brought up a great point: That even not so beautiful (or high quality or however you want to describe it) can still be great and *shudders* pin-worthy in their own way. Keep on rocking those photos! If you enjoy them, that’s the most important part. :)

  5. Oh goodness, I have a Pinterest account only because duh, all bloggers have one. Unfortunately for my followers, I do not have pin worthy photos (sorry had to use the term) and I’ll be damned if I have to spend hours editing them to make the Pinterest gods like them when I could be reading blogs, right? Well, for the benefit of the masses I resolve to post “at least” identifiable photos.
    jhanis recently talked about…Top 50 Hilariously Funny Nominated Parent Bloggers – 2014My Profile

    • I’d rather be reading blogs and having fun than sit and worry about whether I have appealed to the Pinterest gods with my photos or ghetto graphics. LOL

  6. I was a Pinterest addict for a year before I started a blog so my approach is back to front. I pin a lot of quotes, a lot. I also love great photos and have a board for that to inspire me and my own photo taking journey. It is also about sharing interests and as Pinterest grows as are the new and varied interest groups. Cat lovers would love and find your pins very attractive I am sure I know my Mum loves dogs and cannot resist pinning dog pictures. The craft and food bloggers do need to be pinnable to get noticed, the rest of us have Flickr and Tumblr to be appreciated.
    Karen Main recently talked about…Why Photoaday is more than taking photosMy Profile

    • I’m going to take Pinterest by storm and post my fun and awesome photos, pin-worthy or not. LOL. Hey, someone has to stick up for the little people. :) Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

  7. I am so over that term as well. If you don’t like a picture then don’t pin it and keep moving. Everyone is going to have a different opinion of what is and what is not worth or worthy of pinning. I for one just pin what I’m going to pin and keep it moving. I know that someone out there is going to see my pin and be interested enough to click on it and see what it’s about.
    K. Elizabeth recently talked about…The Blogmopolitan QuizMy Profile

    • Amen! Totally agree with you on just moving on if you don’t like a photo. That’s usually what I do when on Pinterest and see stuff that doesn’t interest me. It’s supposed to be fun and show a wide variety of interests so there should be room for all of us. :)

  8. First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. If you hadn’t…my night would not have been made. :) This post made my night.

    I absolutely, with a doubt…agree with you on this ‘pin worthy’ shit. It’s judgmental and egotistical. Who gave us the right to judge another’s work? And who are we to decide whether something is worthy or not? It feels like primary school, where we select only the best to play on our team and if you are not good enough you are left out. That hurt as kids and here we are as adults doing it to each other. Blogging on the whole has turned into such a competition and it’s sad. I fell into that hole once and I wouldn’t dare make it again. Those so called ‘rules’ in blogging could kiss my ass. If someone doesn’t like what I have to say or show…so be it.

    You and I can totally be pals.

    Nice to meet you. :)

    Tami recently talked about…A few of my favourite things: My 2014 Blog PlannerMy Profile

    • Gotta say I LOVE your comparison on this. It is, to an extent, comparing apples to oranges but the principles and ways of being exclusive still apply to both. I do understand that there are certain ways that can maximize your traffic and get you excellent results but some of it does come across like it’s the ONLY way to get traffic and be successful. Like you, I say these rules can kiss my ass. Yup. We definitely should be pals based on that alone. You’re awesome!

  9. But I promise, I totally find your photos, like, pin-worthy and pinteresting and whatever the other words might be! Wait, was that, like, supposed to be in total Valley Girl lingo?

    • Like OMG did you like travel back in time to like 1985 or something?! Haha. Yea, I know you get it. We shoot the same stuff! Well, same type of stuff. Close enough.

  10. The term is rather horrendous. My pictures that aren’t graphics look like crap thanks to my crappy camera and aren’t in this terms stupid guidelines. The only issue I have with my images being good enough to be pinned or not to be pinned is with my own dang ocd about getting things right. If I wouldn’t pin it than I wouldn’t expect anyone else to and I kind of think that’s how bloggers should approach the images for their blog. If the image is good enough that they would pin it themselves if it wasn’t theirs than it is perfect to be on Pinterest even if it doesn’t fall into the guidelines that should not be guidelines. All that matters is if the blogger likes their own photos.
    Kimberly recently talked about…Motivational ArtMy Profile

    • Amen, Kimberly! If you like it and are happy with it, it shouldn’t matter if it falls into certain guidelines of what is and isn’t “pin-worthy.” We are all capable of deciding what we like and what we want to share/re-pin. The photos may not be perfect but at least we gave our best effort. That matters more to me than whether someone considers it worthy or not.

  11. I absolutely refuse to go down the Pinterest path, life is too short. Just keeping up with my blog, FB and Twitter is all I can manage. I say no to the pin!
    Patti recently talked about…A President, An Abolitionist & A College ~My Profile

  12. Yes, that is annoying. I’m not on Pinterest that much. Everything seems too perfect for me there. Who would want to live like that?
    Amber recently talked about…We Sent The Kids To Bed On New Year’s EveMy Profile

    • Totally agree with you on everything seeming too perfect. What is this? An Ikea catalog? Better Homes and Gardens? No thanks! LOL

  13. Oh my goodness, do I know what you mean. My photos aren’t exactly ‘pin-worthy’, either, and I’d rather not have to put text over them. Do I still pin them? Sometimes. Am I getting as much blog traffic as other people? Nope, but I’m okay with that.
    Christy Milford ( recently talked about…Travel Retrospective: Shenandoah National Park, VirginiaMy Profile

    • The only text I feel is necessary or useful to put on there is your watermark. If people are that interested in finding out what something is they can click on the pin and go to the blog. Keep on sharing your photos and having fun. Pin-worthy can suck it! LOL

  14. hahahaha! This made me laugh! It’s an annoying term, isn’t it?

    It grates on my nerves like “Yum-O!” or nails on a chalkboard….

    PS Thanks for coming by my blog!
    JaimeLovesStuff.com recently talked about…It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?My Profile

    • Hahaha. I can handle yum-o in some contexts but I can definitely agree it’s a bit annoying. Nails on a chalkboard? Oh lawdy I cringe just thinking about it!

  15. Apparently I can’t write good content, because I have a shitty camera thereby making none of my photos “pin-worthy”. lol I think I need a pintervention ;) Makes me think of Wayne’s World. “We’re not worthy!”
    Rose recently talked about…$25 off at AvenueMy Profile

    • LMAO! Quoting Wayne’s World makes you really freaking awesome in my book. And you’re right, with a shitty camera you cannot create good content. OMG you suck! Okay, I’m lying my ass off. Screw the haters and keep on having fun, shitty camera and all!

  16. Haha I’m with you– I don’t like for anyone or anything to have the right to tell me that I or my ideas are not “worthy” of something. Psshaw to that!
    I don’t really go for Pinterest… maybe every so often when I have nothing left on the internet to distract me. But that’s pretty much never.
    Aussa Lorens recently talked about…Sexting: That Time I Took Nude PicsMy Profile

    • Pinterest is just…I don’t know what it is other than Internet crack for some bloggers. Definitely agree with your “Psshaw” to anyone who tries to say your photos or ideas are not worthy. The haters can suck it! LOL

  17. Amen, sister! That is why I rarely put my own posts on pinterest. (I have gotten decent traffic from my posts that others have pinned…isn’t that what Pinterest is about? Pinning things you find that you like?) I am with you. I refuse to stressabout whether my photos are good enough for pinterest.

    • I like to be a little rebel and post whatever the hell I want. If people don’t like it, oh well. Pin away my friend and have fun!

  18. Ugh – I’m so sick of Pinterest and the pinterest mommies who make their own soap and hair spray. I like the funny stuff, and I find a lot of work out stuff to pin that is useful, but that’s the extent of it. I’m not pin worthy. Not even close.
    Mandi recently talked about…Naked Selfies: The New Little Black DressMy Profile

    • I hear ya. Oh lordy do I hear ya. Too much “We’re so awesome and perfect and organic” crap going on on that site. *barfs* LOL

  19. This is SO funny! I am NOT pinworthy and I am so proud! Ok, not really. I want to pin! I want pinlovin’! I’d like to be the person who came up with the idea. Another way to shame us women, whoop-dee-do
    Karen recently talked about…Beyond Body ImageMy Profile

  20. Stephanie L. says:

    You and your cat and dinosaur pics are very Pin’worthy’! Hilarious post!


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