If I See “Pin-Worthy” One More Time…

Oh, Pinterest. I both like you and hate you. You’re kind of cool for finding some interesting shit and cool quotes. I don’t always re-pin the darn things but I sure like looking at them from time to time. It’s a great time waster when I need a good distraction for about 30 minutes.

But here’s the problem I have with you: Many of your loyal users aka bloggers, use you like it’s Internet crack. Recipes, crafts, kid stuff, DIY and all kinds of other stuff. I read about many bloggers, mostly women, discussing it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread (please forgive the cliche). Questions like “Are you pin-teresting?” can be found on forums, groups and Facebook pages. The one term I hate the most though? Pin-worthy. As in, “Are your photos pin-worthy”?

What the what?! Let’s talk about this.

Just out of curiousity, who the fuck died and who was named the Pinterest Goddess in charge of deciding what is and isn’t pin-worthy? *shudders* I can’t help but wonder if it’s a group of Stepford-esque wives who sit around and cackle like witches declaring certain photos pin-worthy and the rest are just not worth paying attention to.

Okay, that was a little harsh. Sorry. Cackle, yes. Stepford wives, not so much. At least I hope not!

The question that usually follows this loathsome term is always some variation of “Do you take awesome photos?” Well…um, actually, I do thank ya much.

Pin-worthy can bite me

So it’s really not that awesome but I like it. And yes, pin-worthy can bite me.

In Pinterest Land what I post is not a pretty photo of a craft, a dish I prepared, some delicious treats (pass me that cookie, would ya?), a cool graphic or my latest household project. I don’t post fun printables for the kids because I don’t have my own so obviously my time is not spent creating the damn things.

What I usually share photos of are the above dinosaurs, Route 66 signs, stuff around Las Vegas or random crap I photograph around the apartment. Or my cats. I do take a lot of photos of my cats. I can’t help myself. They’re adorable.

But, I digress. Nothing new there. *ahem* Moving on…

Based on what I read on forums, groups and blogs these things are not necessarily pin-worthy. So then let me get this straight: The goal , of course, is to take awesome photos and use said photos on our blogs. BUT if they’re not the typical stuff like the photos of food with the annoying text on them (sorry. not sorry. whatever) then it’s not pin-worthy? Boo!

This is why that term ticks me off. It tends to be snobby in nature, almost exclusive to only a certain type of photos and anything that isn’t is not pin-worthy by definition.

Let me guess, this is what you’re thinking: “But Kim, there are PLENTY of photos like yours on Pinterest! Go look around!” And yes, you’d be right. But in the context of blogging, it seems like my style of photos are not exactly pin-worthy in the eyes of most bloggers. Unless I create some bad ass graphic then my pics just aren’t right for Pinterest. Oh yea? Bite me.

I want to like Pinterest. I really do. But if I read pin-worthy one more time, I’m going to scream. It’s really not the site that’s the issue. It’s the bloggers who toss that term around that’s the issue.

Bloggers, please, let’s stop using this annoying term. Let’s aim for sharing and pinning quality photos and graphics without uttering that term ever again.  Encourage quality and taking great photos instead of attaching some lame ass term to them. Pretty please?

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