Hi there! I’m Kim.

I’m a writer and photographer with a clichéd love for coffee that many writers before me have also had. Like many other writers, I also greatly enjoy solitude. Hardcore introvert over here, my friends. I can be lured out on occasion, but it usually involves bribery of some sort and/or wine.

Over the years I have been a journalist, copywriter, business plan writer, blogger, and wannabe poet. The poetry began in my early teen years and continued until sometime around the time I turned 20. I didn’t know any better at the time. I was a teenager filled with angst and hormones. If I wasn’t writing about love, I was writing cringeworthy poems about friendship.

These days I keep it simple and call myself a writer. I sometimes suspect journalist me is still lurking in the shadows. Old habits die hard I suppose. Course, I am also working on completing my degree in journalism at UNLV so perhaps it’s not all that surprising.

I call Las Vegas home with my husband and our three cats, one who is a hefty 20 pounds and affectionately referred to as Fat Boy. His actual name is Pip and he is joined by his fur brothers Melvin and Arlen.

When not writing, reading, or avoiding adult responsibilities, I can be found either at my desk playing seemingly endless hours of Mahjong Safari, watching Volcano for the billionth time, or out enjoying adventures on the open road.