Happy Fall, Y’all!

Each year when September 1 rolls around, I start counting the days until the official beginning of fall. Here in the desert we’ve been baking since June and many of us are anxious for cooler weather. Mother Nature will almost certainly scorch us one more time, but it’s tolerable compared to the 100°+ days we’ve had.  And let me tell you: This summer was brutal. I spent most of my time indoors with the A/C blasted.

But it’s not just the cooler weather that I’m looking forward to, though that is definitely in the top 5.

Hello, fall!

For me, fall means pumpkin spice lattes (yup, I’m one of THOSE people). It means hockey (GO SHARKS!) and mornings spent on the balcony. Fall means my wedding anniversary is just around the corner followed by my birthday just 18 days later.

And of course, Halloween. Ok, and Thanksgiving, too. Gobble till ya wobble, yo.

Now, since I tend to thrive on balance, I’ll tell you what I don’t like about fall.

Hang on. I’m thinking.

The end of daylight saving?

No. That’s not it. I like darkness.

Freezing my ass off?

No. That’s winter.


I got nothing.

What can I say? I love fall. Pumpkins. Fall leaves. Rainy days. Cozy sweaters. Snuggling under the covers on a cool morning. Dinners made in the crockpot. I can almost smell the chili (which will be topped with a shitload of cheese…duh) and beef stew now. Nom nom nom.

Another benefit of the cooler weather is having my cats spend more time snuggling on the bed with us in the evening. They don’t often sleep next to each other, but once the colder weather kicks in you can often find them napping within inches of each other.

Fall means cat naps

At this time last year we were living with my in-laws and trying to get back on our feet. This year, we’re in our own place again and I’m looking forward to brewing a cuppa joe on a cold day and curling up with a good book. Even better if it’s raining.

And on that note, I need more coffee. I’m still sleepy from having my medication knock the crap out of me two days in a row. Oof.

What do you love (or don’t love) about fall? Are you basic like me and love PSLs? Fess up!