Love Wins

My morning started out like every other day: Groggy and next to a loving husband I’ve been married to for almost five years. That’s when I reached for my phone like I always do and checked Facebook. And there it was:

Supreme Court Rules SameSex

Marriage Legal Nationwide

Both my Twitter feed and Facebook feed were flooded with posts, photos and articles, most of them in favor of the landmark ruling. Finally, gay couples throughout the country could be legally married. The 14 states that, up until today, banned marriage were now required to issue marriage licenses to couples.

As a straight ally, I was elated. Thrilled. And so fucking happy for not only my LGBT friends but for the entire LGBT community.

Unfortunately, there are those who oppose saying it’s a sad day for our country. In their minds, religious freedoms are being eroded, traditional marriage is now over and the country is going to hell, if it’s not there already.

But, I don’t see it that way. I see this as a major victory for our country. For people. For the LGBT community. For LOVE. Because damn it, that is what matters.

Love Wins If you are one of those who oppose, I respect your point of view. But do me one huge favor today: Open your hearts and minds. Embrace love and equality. Embrace marriage for all. That is what is important today and from now on in this amazing country.

To the five members of the Supreme Court who ruled in favor of gay marriage: THANK YOU.

To my LGBT friends and the entire LGBT community: I will stop by Total Wine & More this afternoon and buy a bottle of sparkling wine to pop open tonight to celebrate in your honor. You deserve it. Much love to all of you! Love Wins!

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