I Punked My Best Friend

Raise your hand if you have at least one friend you know you can punk and playfully tease. You with me? One of my best friends (besides my husband that is) is someone I have known for just shy of 14 years. Someone I’ve traded barbs and banter with since damn near day one.

Over the years, I’ve often playfully insulted him or given him shit for any number of things. There have been times where it took him a good five or so minutes to realize I dissed him which often made things even more hilarious. We have a long list of jokes and insults over the years, usually me giving him shit about getting something wrong.

Every so often, however, he’ll throw one at me as a not so subtle reminder that I have my dumbshit moments. There was one time I sent him an email explaining I needed to get a new wallet but instead of writing wallet I wrote “wallent.”

Even back then (umm, 2004? I might have been drunk) I was an anal retentive grammar nerd. That one typo meant some solid ribbing aimed at me for quite a awhile.

One of the [rare] other times he managed to get me before I got him I had burped so loud in the car that he asked, “Are you sure you’re not a dude?” He had seen me naked at least once or twice (don’t ask) so he knew for certain I was not playing hide the sausage in my pants.

Throughout our friendship we’ve always had a good laugh or five. Our latest round of banter was no different thanks to his dumbassery when he complained about a gadget of his not working.

With a completely straight face I said to him, “Maybe it’s an ID 10 T error.”

“A what? What is an ID 10 T error?”

“Grab a piece a paper and a pen.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, right now.”

“Okay. Hold on.”


I Punked My Best Friend

“So what was that again? ID…capital I, capital D?”

“Just write it out.”

“ID 10…T?”

“Yes, T.”

“Hold on…wait…ID10T. Oh shit! I got it! Oh man you totally punked me! Damn that was good!”

I’ll admit, I damn near fell off the couch from laughing so hard. And yes, I was sober. Sort of. Half a glass of wine doesn’t do much to this gal unless I’m drinking on an empty stomach.

I punked my friend

Once both of us recovered from our side-splitting laughter, he told me he had to use that on others. I explained it’s best to do it with a straight face otherwise the unsuspecting fool person will catch on a wee bit too quickly. Maybe.

I’m going to recommend the same thing to you folks. I’m sure we all have that one friend who just doesn’t quite get it when it comes to all things technology. If they can handle some playful ribbing, feel free to suggest it might be an ID 10 T error.

So, tell me. What sort of crazy shit goes on with you and your friends? Have you ever punked them or they punked you?

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