If We Were Having Coffee…Rainy Morning Edition

Good morning, friends! I’m back for another weekend coffee share. I’m writing this at at 7:00 a.m. before my own usual morning coffee so if we were having coffee I’d be a bit groggy at first. My husband is still asleep and the cats are not bothering me so I consider that perfect writing time.

If we were having coffee…

I’d rub my sleepy eyes for a second before remembering my contacts are in and quickly put my hand down. Usually I wait until after I shower before putting them in, but I’m writing in bed this morning and I can’t see without them. I still haven’t gotten readers, which I know I should get. Someday I’ll get around to it.

Let’s talk about this past week, shall we? I hope your week went well and you’re feeling great this weekend.

If we were having coffee…

It started out as a rainy Saturday. After a weird dream involving vaccuuming change off my bedroom floor and ending up in a classroom with a real asshole for a teacher who was talking about Fermat’s Enigma, I woke to the sound of pouring rain outside my window. Sorry. That’s a long ass sentence.

If We Were Having Coffee - Rainy Morning

The rain was magnificent, let me tell you. It lasted maybe five minutes at best and when the sun began to emerge minutes after I was disappointed. I love a good rainy weekend. Perfect for coffee and reading all weekend, though knowing me instead of reading I’ll be parked at my desk scrolling Facebook. Oops.

I’m hoping the sunshine is temporary. My weather app says it’s supposed to rain all weekend. We’ll see how that turns out.

If we were having coffee…

I’d let you know that this week is a bit better, thankfully. I had one interview this past Monday for a freelance gig. Haven’t heard anything yet, though they said it’d be the end of the week or early the following week.

Things are still stressful around here and I’m still somewhat freaked about things, but I’m at least somewhat calmer (though still not quite well rested yet) than last week.

We started our new internet service with Century Link and so far I’m impressed. Granted it’s only been about 18 hours, but I’ve already noticed an improvement in speed. Dealing with a slow internet connection really sucks when you’re trying to get things done.

If we were having coffee…

One of the things that both amused and infuriated me this past week involved filling out forms to get assistance with electricity and food. Holy hell. These fools are all up in your bizness when it comes to your finances and sources of unearned income.

I get the point of it, I do. But one question asks those who give or have given you money in the past 6 months to provide a written statement complete with their phone number and address. Say what?! It’s really nunya damn bizness if a friend gave me $100 one time to help with getting food, paying a bill and/or putting gas in my car.

Anyone who is aware of how expensive things are knows $100 one time will not last more than a day, maybe two if you’re careful (or lucky).

If we were having coffee…

This is another week where I am going to have to abruptly get up and head out. I’m tired right now and my husband, who for reasons unknown to me, crashed on the couch last night.

He woke up long enough to let two of the cats out of the bathroom where they sleep and now they’re coming into the bedroom to bug me. He should know better than to let them out during my writing time so I’m not exactly pleased right now. Oh well. Shit happens.

How did you your week go? Tell me about how things went in your world. Anything exciting coming up? Share in the comments!


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