Hold My Beer. I’m Gonna Try to Be Funny.

Hold My BeerThroughout my life (okay fine, from my teens to the present) I’ve been told I am funny and have a kick ass sense of humor. From fart jokes to witty one-liners to my writing, someone somewhere at some point has said, “Dude, you’re fucking hilarious.”

And I believed them. Sort of. In person and when slightly inebriated I’m cocky enough to think “Yup. I am hilarious. Now let’s see what other stupid comment comes flying out of my mouth.”

But when it comes to writing I have a bit of a hard time believing I am funny.

I’ve refused to define myself as humor blogger because 1. I don’t think my writing is that hilarious and 2. We all know I try to avoid niches and being crammed into one teeny little box. I don’t like being put into a box, mmkay? Not how I roll.

Lately, however, I’ve been thinking. Don’t be scared. This might actually be a good thing.

I’ve been wondering if maybe, just maybe, I should consider myself a sort of humor blogger and just go with the flow. You know, like actually accept the fact that yea, I am funny.

This year has been all about not taking myself so damn seriously and kicking my own ass out of my comfort zone. So why not attempt to stick myself into a niche of some sort and check the “humor blogger” box?

I’ve been doing a damn good job lately at self-deprecating humor and laughing at my own crazy shenanigans. Plus, the crazy shit my husband and I get into is blog worthy in and of itself.

Hold My Beer - Funny Shizz Yo

Now that I’ve not so nicely told depression to fuck off I’m starting to have fun and enjoy life more. Granted I’m often cooped up in what I like to call jail but that doesn’t mean there are no hilarious stories to tell.

There’s the many times my husband farts on a cat (usually unintentionally, he’s not that messed up) or the really random shit we say that can’t be confined to just a once a month Fly on the Wall post. And let’s not forget the constant poop humor that goes on around here.

I’ve been a bit sucktastic about this whole blogging thing for months now but I think it’s about damn time for me to pull the forest out of my ass and have some fun.

I’m off to go find the point & shoot camera. This chick wants to go out and play and get into some stupid (but legal) shit.

What kind of fun or funny things have you said or done lately? Sound off in the comments.

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